Say goodbye to individual users editing their signatures, HTML design limitations, and scrappy disclaimers that walk the line on legal compliance.  

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Over the last 22 years, we’ve carefully honed our email signature software to address the biggest challenges for busy  teams. We’ve made it super easy for them to work together to create beautiful, compliant, centrally managed email signatures that are always targeted to the right person. Our customers love that Exclaimer empowers them to:  

Simplify their email signature management. 

Centrally control signatures with advanced login and access control. 

Maintain a consistent brand across business emails. 

24/5 world-class support  

Easy set-up 

Hours of marketing time freed up

Marketing control of signature branding and campaigns 

Centralized design and control of signatures  

I love that we can have control over what our signatures look like. A consistent signature adds to our brand awareness, our trustworthiness, and overall company presentation.

Leah Martinez, VP, Marketing

Integrity Locums

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Exclaimer provides world-class email signature software for Microsoft 365 (Office 365), Google Workspace (G Suite), and Microsoft Exchange that let companies design and manage professional email signatures. 

The email signature solution made for busy teams  

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Working with our customers to achieve better email signature management  

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Unleash the power of email signatures as a marketing channel. 

Easily manage branding and compliance of all emails. 

Apply industry best-practice to their email signature management. 

Simple, centralized email signature management

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